My Services

Individual Coaching

Our sessions take place over the phone, or via Skype or another video chat application. This means that location is not an issue, nor is dress-code (heck, I’ll never know whether you even brushed your teeth). While many initially think this format will be awkward, I encourage you to give it a try, for you may be surprised at how effective and natural it is. This method offers the ultimate in convenience and ease so you can experience some boutique support, some all-for-you attention, no matter your location!

Sessions are an hour long. The process is driven by you, so you determine the frequency. Some clients like weekly support, some like alternating weeks. We can structure it to your individual needs. THE FIRST SESSION IS FREE. I offer a complimentary session to see if we are a good fit for continued work together. I also offer a volume discount, if you pay for the package in advance.

$80 for an individual session

$300 for four sessions


Forget BOGO, when you hire me as a coach, you get THREE-for-ONE: a cheerleader, a teacher and a detective, all focused on you. These were my first three careers, all before the age of ten. Coaching is all of these things and as it turns out, I’ve been doing it my entire life, but calling it something different – survival. Now you get the benefit of my chosen career trifecta, polished smooth by use.


  • I root for you. As I root for you, I root for myself. It can be no other way. 
  • I am eternally optimistic, yet I come by it honestly. Eternal optimism is born from the clutch of despair.
  • Sometimes quitting is the best way to move forward.
  • Failure isn’t final; it’s just a re-route. 


  • I want to help you rediscover your loveliness and honor it – by wrestling with the ugliness we all have and hold, and caring for yourself anyway.
  • We teach what we most need to learn and I am no different. I heal the world by healing myself, for I can’t give what I don’t have. 
  • I am a mirror – undistorted by your beliefs and judgments, kind as silk. I can only reflect to the degree that I’ve dredged the murky depths of my own interior.
  • The basis of all real change is love. When you love something, you care for it. Your body reveals its mysteries as you build a relationship with it. Poetic, yet true. I can help you reconnect with your body, even if it is a body you judge, despise, dislike and disown. 


  • I want to work the puzzle that is your struggle with food, weight, eating and body image. Together we gather the disparate clues and piece them into a new mosaic until you feel the visceral click of the truth. 
  • Beneath suffering lies the truth (-M. Beck). Letting our curiosity lead the way, we will dig, prod, pry and poke until we discover it. There’s nothing more satisfying than distilling order from chaos, truth from lies.
  • Tenderly and respectfully, we will crack your life open, bit by bit. I want to help you bridge your current reality to your best self. This struggle represents misguided passion, misinformed desire. It is bigger and more luminous than you dare to believe.

Let’s get started!