My Approach

My Approach

I take myself so damn seriously. Sometimes you need a little levity, a little sass and a dash of boldness to notice the solution. That’s why Sassypants Coaching was born.

It’s the counterpoint to my intellectual, analytical, oh-so-serious approach. And it is often exactly what’s needed. Yes, we may tread on tender topics, but that doesn’t mean we need to speak in hushed, somber tones. I aim to introduce a little play, a little whimsy into the mix.

Forget mind over matter. We are done bullying and battering your body with your mind. This is part of the problem – your thoughts have run amuck. Our habitual thoughts drive our behavior and largely determine the quality of our lives, so let’s start there. It is time to rehab your thoughts about yourself, your body, your life and the possibilities available to you.

How do I facilitate change? I traffic in kindness. Kindness, tenderness and compassion usher in change, not more harshness and discipline (I still need to remind myself of this one from time to time).

We take care of the things we love. When you love your body, no matter its size or shape, you start caring for it, and it responds accordingly.

Small is big. Slow is fast. Sound paradoxical? The truth often is.

The right help at the right time can be magical. One person who believes in you when you’re faltering can be a lifeline.

Surrendering, releasing, letting go, giving up…can be the beginning, not the end.

I’m eternally optimistic and relentlessly pragmatic. Forget theory; I want to see this improve your daily life. I want you to feel strong, confident and beautiful in your body and in your life; I want you to be thrilled to be you rather than wishing you were someone else. These are qualitative metrics and hard to quantify, but no less important.


About You

You have some wear on your tires, for you’ve tried everything you could think of to resolve these issues, yet food, weight, eating and body image (I call this the F.WEB tangle) continue to consume far too much of your brain space, time and energy. You may be on the verge of giving up or have already done so, thinking that you simply need to settle for a life overshadowed by these issues. You don’t and I can help you.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’ll start wherever you are. You don’t need to prepare a thing, just be curious and open-minded. I am ready when you are. Contact me for a complimentary session.

About Me

I created this site, this business, this life for my 15-year old self who needed these tools and resources so desperately as she was trying to reinvent herself and re-purpose her life after an eating disorder. She was one of the lucky ones who got support – hospitalization and years of therapy – yet the support she received didn’t bridge the gap, didn’t make her recovery inevitable. She had to supplement that support with other methods. She would have loved to know how to manage her mind, mend her thoughts, and realize that she is infinitely capable.

I know suffering, but I also know the end of suffering. And that’s the piece I want to share with you. What I want for myself, I want for you…freedom, peace, joy and a deep trust in our own goodness. Part of my journey has been integrating this in my own life and the next step is paying it forward. That’s where you fit, dear client.