Sassypants Coaching . . .

     a light-hearted approach to serious support


If food, weight, eating, exercise and body image are your playground, the stage on which you act out your life, your muse, your confidante, your crowning achievement, your crushing defeat, your identity, your obsession, your Achilles Heel, then you have come to the right place. Welcome!


Tired? You can rest here. Lacking confidence? Borrow mine until it’s your day again. Feeling discouraged? See yourself with the wonder and awe that I do. Need a lift? I’ve got your back. Being cruel (ahem…most likely to yourself)? I’ll remind you that kindness suits you better.

Many of my clients have lost their way. They’ve confused what they’re “supposed” to want with what’s truly important to them, and in the process, lost touch with their true selves. They feel stuck; their old ways are no longer working, yet they don’t know how to move forward. This drama is often played out with their bodies – overeating, under-eating, over-exercising, serial dieting, restricting, depriving, sacrificing, generally “doing” to excess — and while they suspect that the answer doesn’t lie in better controlling their bodies or more strictly adhering to their “rules,” they don’t know where to turn. In short, they are SUFFER-CATING — suffering and suffocating.

They’ve spent their lives abandoning themselves incrementally, being impatient and dissatisfied with their bodies, imposing harsh rules on it, thinking bigger goals would bring them happiness, criticizing themselves when they failed to reach those lofty goals, setting higher goals and striving with grim determination, and learning how to be someone else’s version of “ideal.” At this point, they feel raw and duped and betrayed, for they are not experiencing the peace, joy and satisfaction that were promised. If I have just described the life you have been living, LET’S TALK

While clients who struggle with food, weight, eating and body image issues (I refer to these collectively as the F.WEB tangle) are my specialty, if that’s not your jam, you rare unicorn, that doesn’t mean we can’t work together. I love working with people at transition points in their lives, who are feeling desperate and stuck. Thinking about having a mid-life crisis? Have it with me! Think you’re too young for a mid-life crisis? Nonsense. If you’re especially precocious or prone to thoughtfulness, you’ll likely have your first one long before you reach “mid-life.”

My job as your coach is to help you notice what is and isn’t working. I offer a path back to your true self by reconnecting you to your body, its innate wisdom, and your own source of power. Since none of us came with owner’s manuals, I’ll educate you about the change process, self care, nourishing and nurturing your body, and re-discovering your loveliness. We’ll explore how you create from your beliefs and how to identify and challenge the beliefs that separate you from what you want. I’m an editor of how you narrate your life – it’s like rehab for your thoughts. Sound heady? I assure you it’s the most pragmatic approach I’ve found. I’ll reacquaint you with what it’s like to feel good in your body, to allow joy and pleasure into your life – this may sound counterintuitive, but it’s the straightest path to everything you desire. Much of our work together is subtractive, meaning, unlearning rules and strategies our younger selves adopted to survive, which no longer serve us. My job is not to impose more rules upon you or tell you what to do; I am here to guide you back to yourself, to create space for your highest and best to emerge.

I integrate several techniques in my work, all of which have helped me reinvent myself and reclaim my life after my own experience with an eating disorder. I completed the Martha Beck Life Coach Training and am working toward certification, so I implement her coaching process and principles. I also incorporate body awareness, thought work, inquiry and mindfulness. It’s amazing how effective these are! Many times, I’ll combine coaching with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a meridian-based energy modality, which clears disruptions in your body’s energy system, often a contributing factor to intense emotions and discomfort.

All these tools and methods have been fully tested. On me. I know they work. On me. But don’t take my word for it; let your own experience be the guide. You are the expert on you. If I ever presume to be the expert, I am wrong. And you can remind me.

Forget BOGO (buy one get one), when you hire me as your coach, you get THREE-for-ONE: a cheerleader, a teacher and a detective, all focused on you.  Above all, I want you to feel strong, confident, beautiful and at peace in your bodies, and by extension, your lives. Contact me for a complimentary session and experience it for yourself.


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